7 on 7 University National Qualifying Tournaments and National Championship

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    7 on 7 University Association is looking for Host Schools in Delaware to become part of our Network of 7 on 7 University Qualifying Tournament High School Campus Sites ( WWW.7ON7.COM )
    7 on 7 U selects the sites, organizes, administer, markets and provides exstensive perks that Host Schools can provide to all the Teams particapating in their 7 on 7 University Qualifying Tournament. 7 on 7 University sells sponsorships for Host School and Host School receives a revenue split off all Sponsorship packages sold in School territory. The Top 4 Teams move on, AT NO COST, to the 7 on 7 University Championship held at Oakton High School in Vienna, VA. (20 Minutes from the Nations Capital) 7 on 7 University Qualifying Series currently has 15
    High School partner sites located throughout MD, DC and VA. All proceeds from the 7 on 7 University Qualifying Tournament goes to host School. 7 on 7 University will arrange transportation to the Top 4 teams who Qualify for the 7 on 7 University Championship.
    Some of the benefits our VA, MD and DC 7 on 7 University Qualifying Tournament Partners are delivering to Teams participating in their teams include-
    All 7 on 7 U Athletes and Coaches participating IN ANY 7 ON 7 University Qualifying Tournament series venue receive-
    ? 1 hr. in-home college admissions and application counseling
    ? Free SAT OR ACT exam AND ASSESMENT for each student athlete OF ENTIRE Football program from College Visions
    ? Nutrition planner and body mass assessment from Max Muscle
    ? 1 Free Appetizer for every player and Dinner for entire Varsity coaching staff provided by Glory Days Restaurants
    ? 1 week of Speed, Strength and Agility Training and Football Conditioning for entire Football program with True Athletic Performance conducted on School grounds
    ? Summer practice 2 a day College Admissions Seminar and Lunch for entire Football Program from Subway Sub Shops.

    We are accepting 5 Delaware Host Schools at this Time

    Please Contact Jim at 703-403-4913 or go to WWW.7on7.COM and sign up on Home page.

    7 on 7 University National Series
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